parsnip 0.0.2 Unreleased

Small release driven by changes in sample() in the current r-devel.

New Features

  • A “null model” is now available that fits a predictor-free model (using the mean of the outcome for regression or the mode for classification).

  • fit_xy() can take a single column data frame or matrix for y without error

Other Changes

  • varying_args() now has a full argument to control whether the full set of possible varying arguments is returned (as opposed to only the arguments that are actually varying).

  • fit_control() not returns an S3 method.

  • For classification models, an error occurs if the outcome data are not encoded as factors (#115).

  • The prediction modules (e.g. predict_class, predict_numeric, etc) were de-exported. These were internal functions that were not to be used by the users and the users were using them.

  • An event time data set (check_times) was included that is the time (in seconds) to run R CMD check using the “r-devel-windows-ix86+x86_64` flavor. Packages that errored are censored.

Bug Fixes

  • varying_args() now uses the version from the generics package. This means that the first argument, x, has been renamed to object to align with generics.

  • For the recipes step method of varying_args(), there is now error checking to catch if a user tries to specify an argument that cannot be varying as varying (for example, the id) (#132).

  • find_varying(), the internal function for detecting varying arguments, now returns correct results when a size 0 argument is provided. It can also now detect varying arguments nested deeply into a call (#131, #134).

  • For multinomial regression, the .pred_ prefix is now only added to prediction column names once (#107).

  • For multinomial regression using glmnet, multi_predict() now pulls the correct default penalty (#108).

  • Confidence and prediction intervals for logistic regression were only computed the intervals for a single level. Both are now computed. (#156)

parsnip 0.0.1 2018-11-12

First CRAN release

parsnip Unreleased

  • The engine, and any associated arguments, are now specified using set_engine(). There is no engine argument

parsnip Unreleased

  • Arguments to modeling functions are now captured as quosures.
  • others has been replaced by ...
  • Data descriptor names have beemn changed and are now functions. The descriptor definitions for “cols” and “preds” have been switched.

parsnip Unreleased

  • regularization was changed to penalty in a few models to be consistent with this change.
  • If a mode is not chosen in the model specification, it is assigned at the time of fit. 51
  • The underlying modeling packages now are loaded by namespace. There will be some exceptions noted in the documentation for each model. For example, in some predict methods, the earth package will need to be attached to be fully operational.

parsnip Unreleased

  • To be consistent with snake_case, newdata was changed to new_data.
  • A predict_raw method was added.

parsnip Unreleased

  • A package dependency suffered a new change.

parsnip Unreleased

  • The fit interface was previously used to cover both the x/y interface as well as the formula interface. Now, fit() is the formula interface and fit_xy() is for the x/y interface.
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • predict methods were overhauled to be consistent.
  • MARS was added.